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You don't know me
I grew up watching Starcase
and stealing your phone
at night as my parents slept
in bars with cops
I was raised on Sydney Lumet movies
and coke and war
Fuck the Walrus! I'm Serpico. Scorpio
and I fucking hate
everything about you
You think you know me from late night T.V.
I ain't no King and I know you lie
you don't deserve it at all and I'll tell you why
you don't know how Lee Ving loved the Samauri
I've sat my whole life
watching you waiting
for me to say something
to give your life meaning
Why aren't I talking?
it's my turn to save you
It's my turn to be it
and tell you what to do
I don't fucking know you
I don't fucking owe you
and I still ain't talking though you are just aching
but I'll wait till forever and watch you lay begging
Who the fuck am I?
to squander the blessing
without all this nonsense
you won't stand a chance
Why should I help you?
and why should I save you
why should I give you
what nobody gave you?
Of course I still want it as everyone does
even those who aren't has beens
but just never was.
If it's always been and it always will
you don't need me at all
you have every last skill
Who the Hell asked you
to need me at all?
Where the Hell were you
when I got so small?
Where were you? When I got down
drowned under the weight
of this ancient crown
You think me a scoundrel to keep it all from you
I'm not being coy
You miss the whole point as it's all for nothing
and it all means nothing as there is just nothing
In the meantime just make it beautiful
cause why shouldn't it be as it all burns
Everything counts even small amounts
and the vacant aesthetic
is all that we've got
So if you can't do it
if you can't make it
if you can't show me
if you can't fake it
then at least know why
if you don't know how
and appreciate what I do
before you
expect me
to show you...
MY Showbiz.


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