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haiku barbiturate

I had a sister
she showed me dark arts unknown
She oversaw my shield
Housed the monks of my beliefs
In as much as I
loved her as much as one could
Her search scared me so
that I let her go to him
I thought he smacked her
I swore if she was hurt
I'd make him sorry
she fell so far and so fast
They found her in his place
restraints lined in softest skins
Scarred by sharpest games
lost to secret shames of pain
The man said nothing
suspicions led to nowhere
I burned for vengeance
dove to the darkest oceans known

Angels burned then drowned
cites blind to brightest lights
Demons swimming lost
searching for their love not known
I made them feel safe
Always smelling for his blood
They showed me it all
What my sister tried to reach
finally made sense
I'd wanted it all my life
I simply was gone
Not one care for me to be
Found but never next to him
I slept outside the chamber
Close enough to learn
The secret no one told me
I was just the same
I'd made my own place to lie
found the painful truth
She was the love of his life
Their pain was pleasant
darkest and most generous
I could not hate him
not without myself as well

Time has healed no wounds
Space has filled no open tear
I miss her sometimes
and call to her when I can
I think back and know
It's a good day in heaven
I long for the time
When the wolf had a sister
only the cricket
cried in the night and chimed out,
"Oh where has she gone?"
But Cricket speaks on the dark
Voice blends on still air
"Where is she? Will I meet her?"
I'm the insect now
With the dirt beneath my toes
Still I wait for her
In the woods, where Terra talks
Deep in my dark howl
Cricket chimes out, "Where's your love?"
The wolf's Sister Moon
Sister Moon who steals the show
With her crazy hair
and her ever sallow glow
Your frail blue I love
you so are barbiturate

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