digicosis studios

sometimes we write poetry, which is a somewhat ridiculous thing to do.
even so, it's been a problem for a long time.
in the early 90s, after several years as a music producer, interactive multimedia designer, and graphic artist, digicosis conceptualized an art collective named 'sicknet publications' and several years later, launched 'sicknet.com'. sicknet was intended to be a showcase for digicosis' and friends' work, as well as a home for artists and others needing a voice. sicknet.com, primarily an online art gallery and censorship and privacy information page, operated for many years, developing a large international following. in 1999, due to circumstances, sicknet was forced to shutdown. three years later, in 2002, from the ashes of that experience, in response to a continued desire to promote art in boston, digicosis studios was born.

from 1994 to 1998, the 'sicknet' period also yielded an opportunity for collaboration with a small group of friends on a collection of poems, written, at times, as an interactive performance, while visiting local bars, pubs, and nighclub events. The process, evolving beyond the group, came to include bars and afterhours spots, full of people, all passing around notepads, canvas, and cocktail napkins, adding to the work and encouraging reading aloud from tabletops, lampposts, taxicabs, police cars, and beds, throughout the course of the night and into a collective american adventure.

excerpts from this 'vodka dreams' collaboration, and other poems as well as photos and videos shot during that period, served as inspiration for some of the work featured in the 2004 'images of digicosis' collection.
the occassional new poem and other select works from the 'sicknet' period continue to be featured from time to time in various digicosis projects.

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